A Modern Educational Institutions ERP with eLearning Platform

  • Multi-Campus Solutions for Schools, Colleges, and Universities
  • Seamless Access to Admin, Students, Teachers and Parents
  • Complete Transparency across all Institute Departments
  • Customizable Dashboard and Feature-rich Educational Modules
  • Analytical Reports for Enhanced Decision-making and Compliance
A Modern Educational Institutions ERP with eLearning Platform

Hybrid Learning Management System (HLMS) for all Types of Educational Institutes

Blended learning purposely balances face-to-face and digital teaching into one experience.

Hybrid Learning Management System (HLMS)
Virtual Conferences, Meetings & Classrooms

Turn your Classes’ Digital with our in-built Tools

Learning Results and Academic Achievements

Enhanced Progress and Performance than other Teaching Models

Centralised and Multi-Campus Learning Management

With fewer in-seat sessions manages integrated and focused learning

EduSec has everything your educational institute requires to run its operations seamlessly.

Countries are already operating and running our educational software systems


Colleges are managing their educational practices through our deployed systems


Courses have been designed through our centralised educational system software


Students are managing their educational activities through our learning solutions

How Can EduSec Help You?

EduSec automates and centralises all your department wise data with insightful reports to take effective and swifter educational decisions.

How Can EduSec Help You?
Interactive & Engaging Dashboards

Our system offers intuitive dashboards with access for teachers, non-teaching employees, students, parents, and management staff of your educational learning institution.

Modern-day Modules & Features

It is completely web-based educational ERP software offering extensive modules, advanced features, continuous customer support, and enable data security.

Minimize Expenses & Boost Savings

EduSec’s educational solution trims down your expenditures and boosts your savings by going completely paperless.

EduSec Features and Functionalities

With EduSec you get diverse modules, including Student Registration, Employee Information System, Attendance Management, Exam Management, Alumni Enablement, Timetable, Documents, Course, Library, Survey, Fees, and Finance Management. Here are the packs of features and tools to run your institute with ease.

Benefits of EduSec System

EduSec is a centralised and multi-purpose educational management system that assists in automating the daily activities of an institute with trouble-free operations and 360-degree monitoring so that the stakeholders can make precise decisions and increase productivity.

Benefits of EduSec System
Simplifies Admissions

Automates admission tracking, submissions, batch allotment, and more

Effortless and Easy to Use

Designed to help stakeholders manage our system without technical expertise

Reports and Analytics

Offer multiple centralised reports and analytics for better decision making

Multi-Campus Management

Blend digital operations and offer multi-campus super-admin layer for fine control

Educational Institutes We Empower, Enable & Manage

EduSec ERP backs and supports all types of multi-campus educational institutes to manage, track, and monitor their day to day operations right at the fingertips.

Ready to be the Next-Generation Educational Institute?

Automate, Centralise and Integrate your Institute Management and make it highly resourceful matched to any other educational suite out there!