System Management

Implement Tasks, Configurations, Role & Permission Management As Per Your Dedicated Workforce

  • Role and Permission Management
  • Effortless Uploading of Signature
  • Manage PDF Templates
  • Enable System Settings
  • Allow Notification Settings
Easy System Configuration for the Admin

Easy System Configuration for the Admin

The system manages institute and site wise settings, mailing settings, notification configuration settings, login settings, different password policies, login screen layout, application instructions and license type.

  • Define information formats such as time zone, date & time, currency, decimal places, currency formats, and other details
  • Customizable and modifiable system management settings
  • Manage unique login credentials and number of login attempts
  • Enable and facilitate SMS gateway configuration set up settings

Significant Benefits of System Management

The system settings increase efficiency with a defined and set configuration process that offers control and enhances visibility with system monitoring and tracking.

Cost Reduction

With detailed knowledge of all the system settings trims down added support costs.

System Tracking

Allows stakeholders to analyze settings and even keeps its track on their own


Meet the requirements of your institute by customizing the set default settings

Faster Recovery

If you know the current configuration state than failure recovery is much quicker

Notification Settings at Finger Tips

The system can bridge the interaction and communication gap between parents, teachers, students, and other employees with notification settings. It enables helpdesk and sends pending fees alerts. It also facilitates leave, proxy, applicant, system, exam, student, library and time table notifications settings.

  • The notification settings can be customized to deliver automated messages
  • Set-up automated notifications when specific events occur in the institute
  • Set emergency alerts, notify automatic updates on activities and set actionable settings
Notification Settings at Finger Tips

Integrated Scheduler Tasks & Templates

The system can set scheduler tasks settings with tasks status such as scheduled, running, disabled and expired tasks. The scheduler templates can set templates for alerts, reports, SMS and Emails.

  • The scheduler tasks module helps schedule tasks as per diverse channels which includes SMS, Email and Web Portal
  • The scheduler tasks also define task information, category, status, action, set scheduler timer with user wise and category wise filters
  • The scheduler templates help create templates as per category, communication channels and received user status

Checking-out System Tasks & Health Settings

The system helps admin to verify the overall system health settings, check-out bugs, and other system activities. It further facilitates scheduler executions and their summaries.

  • The tasks summary includes total active scheduled tasks, total expired scheduler, total disabled scheduler, total running scheduler with execution summary on a daily, weekly & monthly basis along with updates on total tasks executions, total successful tasks executions, total failed tasks executions and total system errors
  • The system tasks enable task information, help set trigger, time zone, last task execution, next execution and updated status

EduSec Features and Functionalities

With EduSec you get diverse modules, including Student Registration, Employee Information System, Attendance Management, Exam Management, Alumni Enablement, Timetable, Documents, Course, Library, Survey, Fees, and Finance Management. Here are the packs of features and tools to run your institute with ease.

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