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Worldwide Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Education Systems
Worldwide Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Education Systems
Awareness | Posted On 27 Jul 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has immensely impacted education systems globally, leading to the near-total closures of colleges, schools, universities, and learning institutes. Most governments decided to provisionally close these educational institutions to diminish the spread of COVID-19. These closures not only impacted students, faculties, and families; however, they even had extensive financial and societal consequences.

Use of Technology and Acceptance of Online Learning Systems

In response to educational institute's temporary closures, many worldwide academic bodies recommended using online learning systems, distance learning programs, and adoption of educational platforms that colleges, schools, and teachers can utilize to reach their learners
remotely and restrict the disruption of education.

So, technology played a significant role in the partial shutdown or lockdown period, such as studying from home and work from home concept for students and teachers, respectively. In many counties, private colleges and schools successfully adopted online and digital teaching methodologies.

Centralized Education Management System

The centralized college and school management systems were used to track, handle, and monitor all activities and processes associated with a student, teacher, and administration even if these institutes were closed. The college management systems backed and supported multi-campus structure to facilitate universities, academy trusts, and educational societies to flawlessly manage all its institutes located at multiple campuses across the globe.

Moving Forward - What will be the Future of Educational Institutions

The future of educational institutions envisions digitization of all the academic and non-academic tasks with centralization and automation of education-related systems. With a vision to bring the highest value to colleges and schools, transforming the old teaching-learning environment by using integrated, blended, and centralized ERP software systems are the future for students, teachers, campus administration, and parent empowerment.

The Benefits Of Using EduSec College Management System
The Benefits Of Using EduSec College Management System
EduSec | Posted On 2 Jan 2019

Technology has changed the way of management of educational institutes as we work earlier. Today, all school and colleges are in search of high-quality and easy to use ERP ( Enterprise Resource Planning) which help them to improve their quality of work, secure database management, report generation according to their necessity. EduSec is such type of college management system which is developed after understanding the requirement of educational institutes. Let’s have a look at the benefits of using EduSec college management system.

Go Green: We all know that, education industry consumes more papers than other industries which leads to the cutting down of jungles and unbalancing nature on earth by increased carbon dioxide as it’s the food for trees like we know. EduSec is a web-based software that provides all the solutions related to educational institute management like, student admission, fees management, library management, employee management, timetable management, etc without using paper so your school or college can say proudly that you support the GO GREEN movement.

Database Management: Record and data management has been always a headache for colleges as all the data is scattered at different places in a bunch of files and it’s very difficult to find details of a particular students or employees from those records. EduSce helps to collect all the data in one place and thus easy to maintain all the data. One can easily get their required information in seconds because he/she does not need to rush to check all the files or cupboards as earlier. Just seat on the computer and search for the student name or employee name.

Better Student Parent Relationship: It is difficult to inform all students and their parents about changing rules and regulations according to government policies. While using Edusec you can put all this information on the student or parent dashboard and make them aware of any policy change. Thus we help to avoid any unnecessary dispute with students and parents as they all know that it’s the government is going to make changes in the smooth functioning of colleges.

Account Management: Every organization wants to know from where all the funds come and go to keep an eye on this fees management module of Edusec college management system make tracking of all the fees related reports and issue. One can get reports as per requirement like how much fees collected in a day, or a total number of students who have paid the fees, monthly collection of fees, etc. And for expense calculation Edusec has been embedded with modules like vendor management, employee salary management, etc. with required report generation.

Apart from all these benefits, there are such as Library Management, Transportation Management, Admission Management, and Time table Management, etc to ensure smooth functioning of School college management through different modules which are correlated to each other.

Educational Institutes We Empower, Enable & Manage

EduSec ERP backs and supports all types of multi-campus educational institutes to manage, track, and monitor
their day to day operations right at the fingertips.

Institute Management System
  • Performance Arts
  • Language Schools
  • Professional Career Academy
  • Sports & Fitness Academy
School Management System
  • Public / District Schools
  • Private Schools
  • International Baccalaureate
  • Religious Schools
College Management System
  • Community Colleges
  • Vocational - Technical Colleges
  • Career Colleges
  • Liberal arts Colleges
University Management System
  • Public
  • Private
  • Religious
  • Distance Education

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