Hostel Management System

No More Hostel Room Allotment, Availability, Fees Collection, Analytics & Reports Managed With Manual Efforts.

  • Manage Hostel Activities
  • Eliminate Staff Workload
  • Effortless Room Allotment
  • Access Room Availability
  • Automate Fees Collection
  • Enable Records & Reports
Easy Access to Room Allotment & Availability

Easy Access to Room Allotment & Availability

Hostel Management system automates and enables a view of the hostel activities with room allotment, enabling students to pick their room based on their choices, and gets rid of the hostel staff workload.

  • Create and manage personal details of hostel students, their joining date, hostel details, block, room details, and location.
  • Maintain details about room facilities, resources, room history, fees structure, payment priority, total fees amount, paid and remaining amount

Essential Benefits of Hostel Management System

The hostel staff can effortlessly maintain the details about hostels such as number of rooms, category of rooms, room allotment, number of students in every room and more.

Monitors Fees

Record all the hostel fees details with custom payment fields and automated invoicing

Analyze Reports

Analysis through custom reports in case of any alterations in allotted rooms or rents

Assists Staff

Warden can straightforwardly maintain the hostel, room and allocated student details

Student Safety

Offers safety, security and comfort to the students as the principal responsibility

Hostel Fees Management with Zero Errors Ensured

The system manages and handles the assignment of hostel fees, schedule fees collection, automates fees invoicing process, manages fees payment history, payment type, payment mode, transactions, bank details, cheque details, and total fees amount.

  • Helps collect hostel fees blended with academic fees for applicable students
  • Analyze hostel fees reports in case of any alterations in room rents or other hostel fees
  • Automates fees handling to reduce the work load of hostel staff and other stakeholders
Hostel Fees Management with Zero Errors Ensured
Seamless Hostel Visitor Management

Seamless Hostel Visitor Management

Help manage visitor records with their personal details, visit purpose, visit time duration, student to visit and their relationships, along with details related to check-in & check-out of visitors from premises.

  • Track date, time of the visit and maintain who are allowed at hostel
  • Monitor visitors to the campus and track their activities
  • Keep all the records of authorized guests who are enabled to stay in hostels

Quick Access to Hostel Analytics & Reports

The system generates reports related to hostel occupancy, room allotments, fees collection, user fees collection, payment information, hostel student attendance, defaulter students, in campus hostel records, campus-based hostel allotments, and other hostel insights related reports.

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