Library Management System

Set and Manage Books Shelf, Catalog & Online Library Circulation Like A Calm Breeze.

  • Library Automation Solutions
  • Books Shelf Management
  • Catalog Management
  • OPAC Management
  • Multi-user Accessibility
  • Library Records and Reports

Access to Online Library Management

Library Management system helps to manage and display books, documents, study material, and collaterals across library cupboards, shelves by books titles, authors, subjects, publishers, suppliers, purchases, and tags.

  • It offers media type and category wise collateral names, description, status and online library details
  • The media types include books, journals, thesis, eBooks, audio, visuals, eJournals, news clippings and publications
  • The media category comprises textbooks, novels, dictionary, history, biographies, medical, sports, social sciences and more

Essential Benefits of Library Management System

The library system automates and structures library operations. It assists in maintaining and sustaining the book information related to the library. The library management module advances the library structure and librarian performance.

Online Management

Manage book details and information online in a single place with effective filters and reports.

Enable Automation

Easily automate catalog, OPAC, trace defaulters, monitor and tracks books accessibility.

Effortless Processes

Students can find the book information from their dashboard, issue & renew simultaneously.

Tailored Records

Generate customized and tailored records for enabling library inventory and fine tracking.

Enable & Manage Catalog at Finger Tips

The system helps manage catalog and enable dynamic barcode generation. It lets users search online for all the different books, documents, study material, and collaterals across library cupboards, shelves, templates and filtered by books titles, authors, subjects, publishers, suppliers, purchases and tags.

  • The catalog wise filters manage media type, category, edition, years wise, author wise and publisher wise total books
  • The media wise filters help view book collection by title, authors, type, category, ISBN number, cupboard, edition, year wise, over-due, tags, series number, total copies published, total copies circulation and order details

Seamless & Easy Library Circulation

With the library management system, the library staff can monitor and track the books' details, search by circulation details, identify circulation gaps and facilitate future requirements of books. The efforts of the staff are automated, enable saving of time and overall expenses.

  • The librarian can view pending books status, reserved, issued, cancelled, returned and overdue details
  • Offers books circulation status, collect the related fines and help generate insightful document reports
  • This mechanized module enhances the library structure and helps improve the efficiency of the librarian with better performance of library related processes

Accessibility to Library Analytics & Reports

The system assists in generating personalized reports for overall library inventory, date wise fine collection, fine category, transaction details, books return records, media type details, payment mode, soft copy or hard copy details, ASN number, user booked copies, booking status & quota, ISBN details, ISSN details and all the records of total copies.


The system lets the user search for available books, documents, study material and collaterals. Search can be filtered on the basis of media type, category, publisher, cupboard, cupboard shelf, author and tags.

  • Displays details like documents cover photo, title, publishers, authors, and copies available
  • It also showcases details with search in combination and related to the media type, category as well as book shelves

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